Buying A Boat

At Virgin Gorda Boat Sales, Ltd., we are excited to help you find the boat you have been seeking.  While the purchase of your boat is an exciting time, it is a large investment that should be approached with consideration and diligence.  Thus, we encourage all boat buyers to use a professional surveyor as well as a documentation/titling company during the purchase of their boat.



At Virgin Gorda Boat Sales, Ltd., we recommend that all boat buyers instruct a professional surveyor.  Using a surveyor could save you money and provide peace of mind.  Once the survey has been completed, the surveyor will provide you with a written report that details the condition of the boat.  The survey and report may be as comprehensive as you require (it is advisable to discuss the type of report you require prior to the instruction) and may include the use of special equipment such as moisture meters for GRP hulls and multi-meters for steels hulls.  The report is crucial information, particularly if defects are found, and the findings may result in a reduction on the price or reparation before purchase.


At Virgin Gorda Boat Sales, Ltd., we are very proud of our impartiality and unbiased advice and therefore we do not recommend any particular surveyor.  You may wish to contact a professional marine surveyor association for advice in the selection of a surveyor, such as the professional associations IIMS (International Institute of Marine Surveyors) and YBDSA (Yacht Brokers, Designers and Surveyors Association) – both operating in the UK. 



It only makes good sense to ensure that the title is not only recordable but defensible against the claims of others. Therefore, the cost of a professional Title/Documentation Company shall prove to be a wise investment for those who are unfamiliar with the logistics of vessel titling.  A professional Title/Documentation Company may well provide optimal protection for cautious Buyers and Sellers who wish to make their transaction run smoothly. 



You will need to make sure that you properly register and document your boat.  This process varies by country and even state, so take care to check and follow the requirements applicable to you and your new boat.  

Always contact the relevant authorities before travelling to confirm what documentation will be required.